As noted on our mission page, we do not use written sales contracts. I will add that this is contrary to the suggestions from the Golden Retriever Club of America and some Golden Retriever Clubs. We have never had any issues with prospective buyers and/or current puppy owners regarding the lack of a written contract. We do not offer contracts for the following reasons:

1. In general, contracts are restrictive for both the buyer and seller. The more verbiage that there is in any type of contract, the more restrictive the contract becomes. For example, if someone offers a “health guarantee” with no definition of same, that would be an example of the broadest contract language. If someone offers a “health guarantee” and then defines same, that definition then becomes restrictive.

2. For a contract to be legally binding, it may require an out-of-State legal jurisdiction to make that determination and that process can become extremely expensive for both parties of the contract.

3. Sales contracts are hard to enforce. We have sold dogs in multiple States and very seldom do we see or have any direct control over these animals. In addition, how does the purchaser enforce the contract with someone that is no longer a breeder or is perhaps deceased? How does the purchaser enforce the contract that is in a business name (i.e. partnership, corporation, etc) when that entity no longer exists?

In place of written contracts we advise all prospective owners of the following: (1) We have done the best that we can to avoid breeding to dogs that have existing health problems. We will guarantee the health of our dogs from any debilitating condition of the hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. Most contracts that I have seen place time restrictions on these health issues – we do not. We advise owners that we will return the amount of the purchase price or give them a puppy from a future breeding. Many contracts used by other breeders stipulate that the only option is a “replacement puppy”. (2) We advise prospective owners that if there is a health issue with one of our puppies to let us know as this can affect future breedings. (3) We tell all perspective buyers that if they are no longer able to take care of a dog (i.e. have to move, owner has a medical condition, etc.) that we want the dog back. It is then incumbent on us to either keep the dog or place him/her in another home.

It is our practice to provide all new buyers with a puppy collar, leash, puppy food, copies of articles pertaining to puppy training, etc. We forward the registration documents to the AKC and pay the registration fee including the AKC “silver” package.