On July 7, 2012 (Georgia’s birthday!) I purchased our first North Country Cheviot ewe lambs from Martin & Julie Macqueen (High Road Sheep in Covington, Virginia). The above 12 ewe lambs vary in age by only 2 weeks and as you will note, they are very consistent in body type. Some of the physical characteristics can be attributed to a very nice sire (Highland Chieftain) of which there is a picture below. Martin & Julie personally selected these lambs for us and then further reduced the group to eight. The 8 North Country Cheviots behaved and successfully completed the 14 hour ride to our home in Vermont.


In October 2012 we made another trip to Virginia to pick up the above North Country Cheviot ram (#CFF73) lamb that Martin MacQueen had acquired for us. This ram is from the Susan Davies Church Field Farm located in Hurlock, Maryland. As much as we would have liked a ram lamb from Martin’s flock, none were available that were not related to our ewe lambs.


Our North Country Ram lamb grew to look like this at approximately 4 years old.